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  The big Queaso paintball battle: another successful teambuilding event

|Posted on 3 April, 2019

With team spirit and a strong group feeling being some of Queaso Systems’ most important values, a team building event is bound to be a part of our yearly activities. This year was no different of course. After letting the group decide which activity we would be doing, paintball ended up being the activity of choice so we suited up, got our paint guns ready and faced each other on the battlefield.


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Two teams gave their all and battled each other throughout several games that tested their speed, focus and agility, but in the end, they were obviously all winners (although some of the more competitive team members might disagree). And more importantly, after a battle that got pretty heated at times, no one got (very severely) injured.


After an intense activity like that, we obviously had to regain our energy and stamina, and how else to do that than with one of our legendary team dinners? Later that night, when everyone had had enough time for a shower (and for some a short nap), we met again at De Wachtzaal in Deinze. With a much bigger group, including some colleagues that hadn’t been able to join us for paintball, we sat down and had a drink, some great food and a lot of laughs. The paintball warriors were able to regain their powers and share some stories with the rest of the group, and we were all able to look back to a successful teambuilding that did just that; make our team and the friendships within it even stronger than before.


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Thanks again to the entire Queaso family for making this another great team event!


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