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We design, build & deploy your IT solution

We design, build & deploy your IT solution

Queaso Systems is an IT company that provides IT experts (IT Consultancy) and develops custom made software. We build everything that is not available off the shelf and take on full responsibility for the final result.

IT Consultancy Custom Made Software
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Queaso Systems is actively searching for qualified Microsoft .NET consultants/developers. We offer you an inspiring environment, great challenges and full support to develop your talents and skills, a competitive salary and excellent benefits within a fast-growing company.

Career Openings Apply
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New blogpost about pair-programming

Pair programming is a technique that has two developers working on the same task on the same computer. This way of programming is one of the main principles of the agile methodology ‘Extreme Programming’. The methodology was developed by software engineer Ken Beck in 1999.

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Our Services

Since 2005 Queaso specializes in the development of tailor-made projects and delivers IT experts with many areas of expertise. Need growth, knowledge or do you have a specific project in mind? Don't hesitate and contact us!

IT Consultancy

Queaso provides information technology experts that temporarily strengthen your on premises IT team. Our consultants are flexible, reliable and deliver high quality results as from day one. They adapt smoothly to your guidelines, are outstanding in their field of expertise and very well trained.

Custom Made Software

We build everything that is not available off the shelf and take on full responsibility for the final result. Your vision & strategy can be translated into tangible solutions through our expert business analysis methodology. Our software factory development approach guarantees predictable results.

Our Skills

Our team has various areas of expertise, you will find some of them below. Contact us for more information.

Mobile Development

Mobile development is becoming more important every year. More than 50% of web traffic today is generated by mobile phones. Native or cross-platform, Queaso helps you to choose the most suitable solution.

Front-end Developement

From responsive websites to real time interfaces, front-end development requires particular skills. Our experts are specialized in HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, Angular and many other front-end tools & frameworks.

Back-end development

We have access to more and more computational power, consequently the possibilities in back-end development tend to go a little more towards infinity each day. We closely follow up new trends and master .NET technologies such as MVC, ASP.NET, WCF services and much more.

Business Analysis

It is a research discipline of documenting business environments and determining business requirements to cope with solution expectations within the described business domain. Solutions often include a software systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Functional Analysis

It is the craftsmanship of translating the business requirements in flexible, scaleable, technology independent and reusable functional components that together make up an agile software system. The latter can be implemented on different software technology stacks.

Project Management

It is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the software development life cycle tasks of an ICT team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The primary challenge is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints: scope, time and budget.

Latest News & BLog Posts

Below you will find the latest news and blog posts about Queaso Systems. Check also our news and blog page for all news about our company.


A day at the biggest IT Conference in Belgium

By Wouter Bassier |Posted on 14 June, 2019

One of our consultants got the chance to attend Techorama, Belgium's biggest IT conference, for the first time this year. He was very excited to share his experiences with you. [...]

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Queaso Family Weekend location revealed!

By Queaso Systems |Posted on 6 June, 2019

In the weekend of June 22nd, Queaso Systems is embarking on its yearly Family Weekend trip. And as of last week, we now also know the destination of that trip! [...]

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Gettogether: The Real Secret of a Trusted Advisor

By Queaso Systems |Posted on 31 May, 2019

Some might say expertise or financial skills are the ultimate competitive advantages for consultants and professionals. Tom Van Dorst argues otherwise. How can building trust help you stand out? [...]

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Team Members

Our Clients

Our client portfolio counts many large and medium companies who trust us for their IT projects.

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What Clients Say

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When I entrusted some of my critical projects to Queaso Systems I had one of my best professional experiences ever. The professional approach, the excellent follow up, the flexibility and the respect for the agreed requirements were exemplary. I feel comfortable to recommend Queaso Systems to anyone who needs extensive expertise in the field of business analysis and software development.

Wim Gelders - IT Manager @ BAM Belgium
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Queaso Systems has examined our needs and has the know-how to select the right people to support us.

Geert De Pauw - Applications Manager @ Nextel
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Queaso Systems can support our team with the right people. If necessary we can always count on extra assistance and know-how of the Queaso Systems team.

Marc Buyle - BU Manager Automation @ ATS NV
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We were looking for a rather specific analytical profile that we found on very short notice thanks to Quaeso Systems. The team members are always available and approachable for all of our questions.

Paul Jacxsens - Business Demand Manager @ Partena Promeris


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Tom Gemeen

Business Development Manager

Stephanie De Sutter

Human Capital Manager

Ria Cobbaut

Office Manager