Custom Made Software

We listen to your needs and help your organisation or company being more productive with tailored software.


Our flexible approach allows us to turn your IT-project into a success story. Our approach is based on the following competences:


Information technology is not some island within your company and that is precisely why Queaso Services explicitly takes the business economic, sociological and psychological factors each IT-project is faced with into account. Queaso Services analytically and objectively charts out the broad work field for you.

  • What is your company’s IT background history? What proved to be a success and what turned into a flop?
  • How much information technology know-how is available in-house?
  • What is the overall corporate culture? What is the staff’s attitude to change?
  • How is the company organised? How do you manage the company?
  • What do you finally wish to achieve with the IT-project?


Within a defined sphere of action, Queaso Services develops a creative strategy to realize your ultimate objective.

  • What technical solutions are available?
  • Are quick-wins possible?
  • What are the alternative strategies?
  • What are the possible obstacles?


When the time has come for you to sketch the broad outlines and make your choices you will find Queaso Services to be a bold and highly-organized partner.

  • Which concrete strategies will you follow?
  • Will you go for a tailor-made package or a standard tool?
  • How will we plan the integrated realization?
  • Which rules and agreements will be made in this respect?


Queaso Services ensures that your strategy is implemented step by step. Leadership and coaching are essential when it comes to securely and permanently embedding the attained results within your organisation or company.

  • Are management singing from the same hymn sheet?
  • Which pioneers within the organization can we count on?
  • Have the end-users been given the appropriate training for the new application(s)?
  • Has everyone in the company been informed about the project?
  • How will the project impact on everyday operations?