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You'll find here important information about Queaso Services: our mission and vision, our partners, our history and much more.

Mission & Vision

‘Our values’

Responsiveness and the ability to quickly adapt to the ever changing technology are crucial in offering our services. Therefore our people are by far our most valuable ~/ We present them with competitive and challenging real-life and customer centric missions. Lifelong learning is empowered and facilitated. An open mindset towards new and evolving technologies, methodologies and standards is obvious.

‘Our purpose’

We are here to serve all our customers and help them deliver their ICT systems in a fast and efficient way. We respect the business drivers of those systems because we strongly believe they are responsible for our customers’ success. So our purpose is to translate those articulated business needs into agile and well performing ICT systems.

‘Our business’

We conceptualize, design and build modern ICT systems based on best practises and industry standards. Our Queaso Services Framework based software factory approach complemented with highly skilled professionals guarantees optimized results and huge benefits. We take ownership of your ICT challenge and are accountable for the delivered end-to-end results.


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Queaso Services is an official Microsoft Silver Partner. Consequently Queaso Services counts many MCP (Microsoft Certified Professionals) consultants.

“Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.” - Microsoft

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SBM Opleidingen

SBM is specialised in business training, coaching and advice. It offers trainings to stimulate companies’ growth and their team members’ talents and competencies.

Since 2012 Queaso Services is proud to be able to share our years of experience with everyone following the 10 day ‘Business Analyst – ICT Architect’ program at SBM. Companies need these kinds of profiles more and more to be able to adapt, review and simplify existing processes.

Our managing partner Filip excitedly teaches the apprentices about his passion and is able to transfer his knowledge to these analysts and IT experts. SBM is responsible for the practical organisation. The program consists of different modules: applied soft skills, business analysis, functional analysis, technical design, and ICT infrastructure architecture.

Read more about this program here (link).

The Story of Queaso Services

Before Queaso Services, our managing partner Filip De Sutter had been active as an IT consultant himself, and even before that he worked as a distributor of hard- and software, while frequently developing ERP software features, among which a software system for the Flemish Government.

In 2005, Filip, tired of the sterile, impersonal approach that dominated the biggest part of the IT consultancy world, decided to do things his own way, and with the help of his talented IT architect partner Queaso Services was born. The brand new company found its roots in Erembodegem on the 1st of July in 2005.

A home for IT Consultants

In founding Queaso Services, Filip’s main goal was to build an established, solid base for IT consultants, that guaranteed an up-close and personal involvement and approach, towards team members as well as customers. In its first few years, Filip worked on building a firm ground base for his company in order for it to be able to grow. Queaso Services remained rather small for its first years of existence, allowing it to establish itself as an independent player.

In 2009, after taking over fellow consultancy firm Nonilion, our company made its move to Ghent, where it was able to have a more centrally located base for future team members and customers.

Qualitative consultancy with talented consultants

Queaso Services started making its name as a reliable and qualitative consultancy brand, and over the next few years was able to deliver some outstanding products among which our patented QFinger fingerprint technology in 2010 (before it was cool).

Over the next few years our company has done nothing but expand, and was able to add numerous talented junior and senior consultants and analysts to the team each and every year, in addition to landing some prestigious and challenging projects. Additionally, Queaso Services stayed true to the premise it was founded on and from the very beginning of its existence, has forgone the “employment agency” approach that many consultancy firms use. Instead, we pride ourselves on being able to say that every single one of our consultants is on Queaso System’s own payroll.

Custom Made Software

In addition to the software consultancy branch of Queaso Services, in 2012, we wanted to offer a solution for companies that were looking for software products that are not available off the shelf. We added a second branch to our company; our Custom Made Software branch. Queaso Services decided not to be afraid to enter into engagements that promised to deliver results. With our Custom Made Software segment, we wanted to heighten our ambitions even further and prove that we can handle more complex software development.

Consultants who feel at home

A constant in Queaso Services’ history has always been its focus on its team members, making tangible efforts to make this team as inclusive, close, and knowledgeable as possible. Frequently organising occasions in which the team can bond, share knowledge, or simply have a good time together, so that even though in this unique business of consultancy colleagues don’t usually run into each other on the work floor, the Queaso Services team can stay just that; a team.

At this moment in time, Queaso Services is proud to say that it is approaching the benchmark of being a team of 30 passionate and driven members. More important than this quantity however; we can still sincerely use the word “team”, and, sometimes feeling even more accurate; “family”.

Want to be a part of our family? Take a look at our career opportunities here:

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