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Filip De Sutter, CEO

Filip has a wide experience both on the technical and on the functional side. He started in the mid-eighties as software designer giving his career its foundations, and has been active in a wide panel of activity sectors (small & medium enterprises, public, retail, automotive, security, large companies, etc.) that gave him the opportunity to gain functional knowledge in almost every domain of the management computer science. This also gave him the opportunity to play multiple technical and non-technical roles.

Businesswise Filip has a perfect mastery in functional analysis, business process reengineering, reverse engineering and business process innovation and business strategy. As a senior professional he keeps his managerial skills updated and recently finished an MBA in order to adhere to today’s high business standards.

“With Queaso Services I am turning a dream into reality: I can improve a small part of this world with the use of software technology. Additionally I find it inspiring to be able to work with these talented and passionate colleagues. Seeing them grow and flourish brings me immense joy and satisfaction.”

Filip De Sutter, CEO

Stephanie De Sutter, Human Capital Manager

After finishing her bachelor degree in 2008 Stephanie immediately entered in to the world of Human Resources. She build up experience in people, talent and performance management as well as in consulting, recruiting, outplacement, etc. In 2015, she became the Human Capital Manager of Queaso Services where she is responsible for recruiting, coaching, supporting, guiding, ... all the Queaso Services colleagues. Both operational support as general support take a central place within her responsibilities. Stephanie focusses on teamwork, education and an open-communication to keep all team members happy.

"I love working at Queaso Services because here, I can execute my job in all aspects of the HR domain. What stimulates me is that I get the freedom and trust to put my own individuality into this job. What motivates me to do all of this well are the colleagues that I get to work with, because they ensure that I can always work with a smile; through them and for them. Feeling good between colleagues and being able to communicate with everyone in a heartfelt way is the decisive reason for me to truly and sincerely love my job here at Queaso Services."

Stephanie De Sutter, Human Capital Manager


"At Queaso Services, there’s a very familial atmosphere with great colleagues that are there for each other. Everybody has a voice and can have a say in the projects, and when placing someone on a job the consultant’s preferences are always held into account. An effort is always made to find attractive interesting projects."

Johan, .NET Consultant

"My choice for Queaso Services was motivated largely by the openness and the strong personality that characterizes this company. Team members are given every opportunity in every way. For me, the opportunity to work at Queaso Services was important, because I want to grow quickly and powerfully on a personal level. This amazing motivation to make people rise up to their true potential is omnipresent."

Bernard, Project Manager

"It feels great to work for a real software company. You don’t get treated like a number or a product here, you just feel like a human being."

Jeroen, .NET Consultant

"Queaso Services, where you truly get so many opportunities: to prove yourself and your skills, and to continue learning; both on the actual job and outside of it, to be able get educated further in whatever carries your interest."

Wouter, .NET Consultant

"The amiable and easygoing atmosphere is what I appreciate most here."

Jari, .NET Consultant

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