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  Gettogether on how to motivate an elephant - provocative coaching for dummies

|Posted on 7 June, 2018

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Provocative coaching is a quite new approach in coaching to deal with the emotional part of the brain. In this workshop you will be challenged you to leave your comfort zone by using different provocative interventions. You will expand your own possibilities and learn more about your own communication and coaching style which you can use in teamwork.

What will you learn?

  • the basic principles of provocative coaching
  • some exercises in which you can try your very own provocative communication and interventions
  • what kind of interventions match your own personality so that you can use them in your daily work situation

About the speaker

Tim Vanmarcke has been fascinated by learning and development for as long as he can remember. Teaching is in his genes. After his sports education (2001) he has been teaching in high school and was a trainer and coach in football. Being interested in the person behind the student, the sportsman, the teacher, the businessman,... his true calling to develop himself and becoming a real coach became stronger. Besides, life has given Tim the necessary lessons to grow as a person, partner, father, leader, coach, entrepreneur, teacher,... Throughout his education and many training's such as coaching, psychology, relaxation and many more, Tim seems to have found his true calling with "Provocative coaching". Finally a way to coach people while being yourself, have fun, use humor, get energy from it, be able to say what you think, get to the core fast and breaking patterns in a bonding way.


Hotel Bloemenlust ( Smetledestraat 61 in 9320 Wetteren )

photo of the location


Tuesday, 26 th of June


18u30: arrival
19u30: provocative coaching for dummies by Tim Vanmarcke
21u00: start (free) BBQ

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