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  What is hypersensitivity and how can we seize the opportunities hsps give us?

|Posted on 27 December, 2018


For our very last GetTogether of 2018, Queaso Systems invited Jan Camus, expert in psychotherapy and health wellness, to give us a fascinating lecture on hypersensitivity in humans. He gave his lecture the intriguing title “Hypersensitivity: Human Software Installation Failure or…?”

people listening to speaker

A good amount of Queaso team members and some new faces to our GetTogether events showed up to hear the answer to this interesting question. Jan started his talk with a short video, that showed us what the world and all its stimulants can feel like in everyday life for a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). He proceeded to explain to us what it means exactly to be a HSP and what an opportunity it can be to work with them.

To be a HSP can be explained (in short) in a simple drawing. Imagine the filters of a non-HSP person; meaning the filters for stimuli that come into our brain.

hsp filter line

You could imagine these filters as a dotted line with each dash being a filter that lets through some stimulants and blocks many others. For whichever information that does get through, we try and form links and relations between each piece of info.

For a HSP, this line looks different:

hsp filter line

As you can see, a lot more information can get through these filters. You can imagine that this can be a lot to take in at times. But a very important thing to remember is that this also means that a lot more relationships and links can be formed between all the bits of information coming in.

people listening to speaker

And this is exactly where the value of HSP lies. We need to acknowledge this huge advantage that Highly Sensitive People have. Unfortunately, in many traditional companies, these kind of people don’t get the chances they deserve or don’t even get the opportunity to stay very long. But as an innovative IT company, always ready for the next level, we need to realise these people’s true potential. By just making some extra accommodations that can make it easier for that specific person to do their job despite their high sensitiveness, we can allow them to make huge differences for the company. After all, some of the biggest names in history were HSP. Da Vinci, Mozart, Beethoven, Spielberg, and so on; they were all able to achieve such greatness thanks to their ability to take in so much and make something out of it. As long as we are willing to make the effort to listen and discover their territory, HSP can have huge benefits for everyone.

Thank you Jan for making us understand HSP better and showing us how they can be huge advantages to our company and industry.

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