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Blazor: what, how and why ?

  Blazor: what, how and why ?

|Posted on 30 November, 2022

The latest technical GetTogether session was all about Blazor. It is a new addition to the ASP.NET Core toolset. It allows to execute .NET code directly in the browser via WebAssembly or to execute the .NET code on the server and update the user interface via SignalR. Both methods can be used as alternatives to writing JavaScript in your pages. It's a game changer for web developers, as it allows them to use the power of .NET and C# to create rich, interactive web experiences.

Our keynote speaker Xavier Spileers explained what Blazor is, how to get started with it and in which scenarios this technology really shines. Xavier started as a software engineer in 1999 and uses .NET as from 2003. Ever since he evolved from project manager to software architect and started his own software development company in 2007. Xavier is also a teacher of software development courses.

The attendees had the chance to hear from experts in the field, learn about the latest trends in web development, and see what's possible with Blazor. Whether they are seasoned developers or just starting out, this event was the perfect opportunity to expand their knowledge and build their skills.

In addition to the talk, our GetTogether also featured community buidling and provided the guests with fine food and drinks.

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