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Why is it that we call ourselves the Queaso Family?

  Why is it that we call ourselves the Queaso Family?

By Queaso Systems |Posted on 14 March, 2019

At Queaso Systems, we like to refer to ourselves as our little Queaso family. And those aren’t just words. Here are some things that our team members have said about working at Queaso over the past years.

It feels great to work for a real software company. You don't get treated like a number or a product here, you just feel like a human being.

Jeroen, .NET Consultant

At Queaso Systems, there's a very familial atmosphere with great colleagues that are there for each other. Everybody has a voice and can have a say in the projects.

Johan, .NET Consultant

The familiar and easygoing atmosphere is what I appreciate most here at Queaso Systems.

Jari, .NET Consultant

I have learned trough experience that a team like Queaso is hard to find. The team works for each other and supports each other trough hard times. If you want to work and be appreciated as a human instead of a number, Queaso's the right place for you. Leaving here would be like saying goodbye to a family.

Tobi, .NET Consultant

That “family feeling” a lot of our team members describe is not a coincidence. Team spirit and a close connection between colleagues and to the company are some of our most important goals, and we are always very actively working to achieve those goals.

Working for a consultancy firm is a very atypical job in the sense that the place where most of our team members go to work every day is not our office, and the people they work with and see every day are not their Queaso Systems colleagues. Despite that, or maybe more correctly, because of that, we feel that it is important that our team members still feel like colleagues and even friends, and that they still feel connected to us as a company.

Over the years, we’ve put several different initiatives in place to achieve that goal. One of the main ones is our team lunches and dinners. We make it a point to organise a monthly lunch to which we invite every single one of our colleagues. More importantly, we make sure we have these lunches in different locations, to make sure that colleagues that are working a bit further away get to participate as well. These meals together are important moments of getting together with colleagues and catching up.

Every year, we also have a movie night in November, a New Year’s activity in January, a teambuilding activity in March (which is coming up soon!), and a family weekend in the summer. Besides those moments, we of course have our GetTogethers every three months, where colleagues and other interested parties can listen to a guest speaker and learn about specific technical and not-so-technical subjects.

colleagues on ugly sweater day team lunch

Why is it so important to us that our colleagues stay well connected and keep viewing Queaso as their home and family? We know a well-connected team member isn’t afraid to come to us when something is wrong, and we always want to keep providing that homebase for them. On top of that, we know that colleagues who feel part of the team are more motivated, inspired and innovative and that really shows in their work for our customers. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

But the main reason we have these activities is because we want to bring our team together, and make us feel like a team, even if we don’t see each other every day. That’s why we are so glad to see the way our team members describe this company.

Thank you Queaso family!

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