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  Blogpost 1: new website launch

By Louise Pauwels |Posted on 12 December, 2018

Habemus website!

The holidays may not entirely be upon us yet, but here at Queaso Systems we’re already popping the champagne. We do have something to celebrate, because today, on this beautiful December day, Queaso Systems launched its entirely updated, modernised, improved, shiny new website!

The site has received a complete makeover and new look. With the help and input of the entire Queaso Systems team and management we worked on giving the site a more timeless look and to optimise user experience to the fullest. In addition, we have added some interesting new features.

Monthly blog

One of those new features we’re introducing is our monthly blog posts. Each month, we will be presenting you with a new article. These articles could be about a specific software problem we’ve encountered with one of our clients, explaining how we tackled it. But it might as well be about how Queaso Systems is actively working to be an inclusive employer, or one of our consultants explaining a specific expertise of theirs. Basically, we want to share our knowledge and show everyone who we are and what we do.

New and improved

What else can you expect from this brand new website? With the launch of this completely renewed site, our main goal is to try and give you, our website visitor, whoever you may be – one of our clients, a potential new team member, or just a curious soul – all the information you might be looking for and more. In practical terms, this mean that, aside from our new blog channel on which we will try to share significant parts of our knowledge with you, we have also updated and extended all the pages that explain who we are as a company and what we do. Our ambition is to make sure Queaso Systems is no longer a stranger to anyone after a visit to our website.

Let us know!

This principle of trying to give everyone who visits our site all the information they could possibly need, also implies that we are actively working on what our website has to offer every single day. This means that, if despite our efforts you still can’t find what you need here, we excitedly encourage you to contact us! Please, tell us every single detail that you think could be improved, and every bit of info on Queaso Systems you’re still missing.

Want to check out what’s new? Start by having a look around our homepage and see for yourself! Got some ideas on what we’ve done here? Please, let us know!



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