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  Location revealed! Our Queaso Family Weekend will be at...

|Posted on 6 June, 2019

In the weekend of June 22nd, Queaso Systems is embarking on its yearly Family Weekend trip. And as of last week, we now also know the destination of that trip!


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:louisepauwels:Documents:Queaso:beeksebergen.png


You might already have an idea, based on the picture above. Can you take a guess?


The Queaso Family is packing its bags and taking everyone, including partners and children, to safari park Beekse Bergen! 


Safari park Beekse Bergen

Beekse Bergen is a safari park in the south of the Netherlands and is proud to call itself the biggest wildlife zoo in the Benelux. It provides a home for about 1250 animals from 150 different species of all kinds, big and small, mammals, reptiles, and everything in between. A big part of the park is to be visited just as you would a "classic" zoo. But another part is meant to be driven through, as if going on a real safari in the middle of Africa, and will have us face to face with some of the coolest wild animals mother nature has to offer. 


A weekend away with the family

We are very happy to announce that for this year's Family Weekend, Beekse Bergen will be the lucky host to welcome our Queaso family (and their own families) for an exciting day with the animals. As always, the fun doesn't end there and our group will be spending the night together as well, to continue the weekend and spend some more quality time together on Sunday. 


With this tradition we want to involve all family members in the Queaso group and make sure that our relations and friendships continue to be the strong bonds that they are, to show our appreciation to the team, and of course just to have a fun weekend with everyone (including the animals!). 


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