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  A consultant's day at the biggest IT Conference in Belgium

By Wouter Bassier |Posted on 14 June, 2019

Queaso goes Techorama

Two of Queaso System’s consultants were given the opportunity to attend Techorama this year, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. As Techorama is the biggest IT conference in Belgium, I was a little nervous when I set afoot to attend this huge event.

I teamed up with some former colleagues to guide me through the conference. I also ran into other former and current colleagues on site, as well as a friend I had no idea was even involved in IT, which just shows the magnitude of Techorama and its audience. It really felt like a world of its own coming together.

We arrived at Kinepolis Antwerp, where the venue was hosted in the morning, and after a varied and satisfying breakfast with pastries, cookies and more, we went on our way to explore.



photo credit: Wouter Bassier


A day at Techorama

First on the agenda was the opening keynote by Scott Hanselman, a leading IT professional who has written multiple books, several blog posts, and made countless interesting podcasts. He came to talk about a rather personal topic; his battle with diabetes. Hanselman has been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and talked about his life with the disease, but also about how open source software is trying to fix diabetes and how the industry could fix the condition in 5 years.

Some hours into the event our badge was given a QR code to be scanned at the various stands across the venue. At the end you would be eligible to win prizes.


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photo credit: Techorama


Each day had 5 blocks with each block having 7 sessions to choose from. All of this took place at a movie theater which was pretty unique. Sessions were about 45 minutes long and there were 15 min breaks in between, which gave us the opportunity to get a snack and a drink or to go by a stand to scan our badge and retrieve some neat goodies in the meantime.


The latest trends in IT

Both days were filled with interesting sessions and sometimes it was tough to only pick one. You learn a lot about the up and coming new features in .net, visual studio 2019, azure, AI, and so much more. Two days at Techorama definitely gets you up to speed about what is currently hot in the market.

Since this year was the space edition I expected more sessions regarding that topic, but the closing keynote by the dutch astronaut André Kuipers more than made up for that and fulfilled all my expectations.


A family of IT people

Walking around at Techorama, you quickly realise that this is actually a gigantic annual family reunion between IT professionals and the consultancy business you’ve come to know working as a consultant. It doesn’t feel like a stiff, professional environment, but instead creates the atmosphere of a group of friends coming together. This experience was one to remember and to hopefully be repeated in the future.



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