Queaso Systems rewards public stakeholders with extra bonus.

In order to accelerate the roll-out of its 2015 business plan Queaso Systems is looking for extra financial means. Apart from the traditional channels for funding investments Queaso Systems is also looking at public stakeholders to collect the required funds. In exchange an extra bonus of 2.50% is offered.

To facilitate the extra bonus Queaso Systems will adopt the system of Win-Win loans that the Flemish Government installed in 2006. The Win-Win loan makes it easier to find capital in the immediate vicinity and rewards the lender with an extra fiscal bonus. Any stakeholder who grants a Win-Win loan to Queaso Systems receives upon the interest rate of 2.5% an annual tax discount of 2.5% on the amount of the loan. So the return adds up to 5% yearly. The loan is subordinated, and can be for a maximum of € 50.000 per stakeholder. It must run for eight years. Should Queaso Systems be unable to repay the loan, the stakeholder gets 30% of the amount owed back via a one-off tax credit.


To apply as a lender stakeholder the following legal conditions apply:

  • the lender is a natural person who lives in the Flemish Region and who arranges the Win-Win loan outside the framework of his or her commercial or professional activities;
  • the lender is not an employee of Queaso Systems;
  • the lender may not be a manager, director or shareholder of Queaso Systems. Nor may he or she be the spouse or legally cohabiting partner of one of the managers, directors or shareholders.

Queaso Systems operates as a socially responsible company. So, on top of the extra financial return it offers his lenders, it will organize a yearly lender stakeholder meeting. During that meeting all stakeholders will be informed on the status of the business plan execution and future strategy will be disclosed. This means that lenders are not only suppliers of funds but are valued as active stakeholders.

To organize the practical settlement of the Win-Win dossiers Queaso Systems closely works together with the following companies:

Should you require any further information regarding this offer Queaso Systems’ CEO Filip De Sutter ( hyperlink naar http://www.queaso.be/who-we-are/management ) stays at your disposal for further clarification. Don’ hesitate to contact him.

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