Queaso, build on the Windows DNA technology provides the most comprehensive and integrated platform for building distributed applications. This frees developers from the burden of building or assembling commonly needed middle-tier services, such as asynchronous message queuing, transactions, component services, data access, and web publishing.

Applications can be built faster and easier by using the common service infrastructure of the Windows platform.

Queaso supports a wide choice of programming languages and integrated development tools, allowing developers to choose the tool that best fits their needs.

Queaso is designed to provide a high level of interoperability with existing enterprise applications and legacy systems, making it easy to protect and extend current investments.
In short:

  • Quick “time to market”
  • Liable
  • Flexible
  • Cost efficient and lowers “Cost of Ownership” effectively
  • Database independent
  • Client independent
  • Language independent
  • Overall accessible
  • Intranet Ready
  • Internet Ready
  • Scalability
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