Sixth Queaso Systems’ MovieNight huge success.

Posted on January 03rd, 2017

Friday 02th of December 2016 the sixth Queaso Systems movie night was organized in the most cozy film theater of Ghent: Studio Skoop. It contains some fine little screening rooms where a direct contact with cinema is unavoidable. And that’s why our guest like it so much.   It’ becoming a tradition to invite our […]

Attentive attendees during GetTogether on Ethereum, the Blockchain Solution for Smart Contracts.

Posted on November 03rd, 2016

Tuesday night September 27th 2016 was the date for the first ever GetTogether presenting two speakers. The topic “Ethereum, a Blockchain solution”, asked for a two sided approach: a business one and an IT technical one.  Therefore we invited Bart Van De Paer and Stefaan Ponnet to be our key-note speakers in Hotel Gosset in Groot-Bijgaarden. […]

The Potential of tech people in pre-sales highlighted during GetTogether.

Posted on August 25th, 2016

Just before the 2016 summer break the June 30th GetTogether and accompanying BBQ attacked a great deal of people. Did they join us for the topic Potential of tech people in pre-sales brought to us by Leiv Hendrickx or for the magnificent BBQ of the hotel Bloemenlust team? We shall never now. Leiv Hendrickx, our keynote […]

1th ever Family Week-end rises up to the Expectations.

Posted on August 25th, 2016

The first ever Queaso Systems family week-end gathered all team members, their partners and children in Pairi Daiza and Best Western hotel during the week-end of June 25th and 26th 2016. This was our way of saying thank you for all the good work that has been done in building our company and community. The weather gods where […]

How many IoT technologies you need to turn on a light bulb disclosed during GetTogether event.

Posted on May 30th, 2016

The first GetTogether event of 2016, organized March 29th in Holiday-Inn Express in Mechelen on the Internet of Thing was a winner. For a full house Kurt Claeys who is a well-known Azure and Xamarin solution architect, took us on a journey of bits, bites and hardware to show the possibilities of new IoT technology. […]