2018 New Years Event: Robots combined with the Pampas Rodizio Experience

Posted on January 07th, 2018

The Queaso Systems team members and their partners will celebrate 2018 in style. They are invited to join us for a magnificent combined cultural and culinary event. 

We start with a guided tour of the mind shifting exhibition “Hello Robot, Design between Human and Machine” late afternoon. Factory operator, film character or military drone – we all know what a robot looks like. But have you ever actually encountered one? Will robots eventually make us more creative and generate new jobs? Are robots taking over the world or set to save it? All questions that will get answered during this visit, or not … 

Early evening we are expected for a great culinary experience in Pampas Rodizio. In this restaurant they try to combine the best of South American cuisine with European tastes and habits. Its a typically Brazilian way of cooking meat. All different kinds of meat are gently grilled above a charcoal fire so that they cook slowly and retain all their juices.



Saturday 13th of January 2018


16h00 @ Design Museum – Gent


18u30 @ Pampas Rodizio  – Gent