The Goljer Experience to enter 2017.

Posted on September 23rd, 2017

It’s becoming a tradition for the Queaso Systems team members and their partners to celebrate the start of a new year in style. 2017 was no different and the Goljer Experience did the trick this time. On Saturday 22th of January everybody was expected in restaurant The Goljer in Astene/Deinze for a self cooking experience.


The Goljer Experience is a self cooking formula consisting of food, drinks and fun in an appealing environment. It starts with an appetizer and some snacks, followed by a bowl of soup. As hors d’oeuvre the famous “Hakketak” is served. The dinner guests choose the ingredient plus a sauce and the dish is prepared by the “Hakketakker” right before their eyes. The main course is doing yourself work: the Gallic skewer is composed of the meat, vegetable and fruit of your choice. Add some herbs and oil and put in on the grill until it is ready to eat. A dessert buffet completes the experience.


The pre-dinner drink started at 19h00. Most of the team members arrived on time so the self cooking experience kicked-off around 20h00. The unforgettable “Hakketak” was being prepared before our eyes by very experienced cooks. The skewer on the other hand was do it yourself work. Everybody enjoyed the food, the drinks and the great atmosphere and ambiance. A lot of chit-chat was going on while standing in line for the food to be prepared.

Around midnight the eating, drinking and chatting party was over. Once more a lot of best wishes for 2017 were exchanged and we all went home with the memories of yet another great evening with co-workers and partners.

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