GetTogether got more out of TypeScript & Angular 2

Posted on September 23rd, 2017



The first GetTogether event of 2017, organized March 28th in Van der Valck Hotel in Antwerp covered TypeScript & Angular 2. Our own Queaso Systems team member and keynote speaker for the evening Ruben Haeck prepared a great presentation and ended with a little “hello world” webapplication.


A small but very interested group of Queaso Systems collaborators and guests attended our GetTogether event that showed hands-on how to get more out of TypeScript & Angular 2. Angular 2 is the successor of the popular JavaScript library AngularJS.  With Angular 2.0 you can make fantastic fast and responsive web application. Google has completely rewritten the framework in TypeScript. TypeScript is a free and open-source language developed by Microsoft. It is superset of EcmaScript 6 (2015) and adds optional static typing and class-based OOP to the language. NET-developers loves the work with the language.


Being an IT professional for more than 10 years, Ruben Haeck has a perfect  .NET background. Ruben started his career in 2006 and since then worked in the .NET environment. He did assignments for various companies and organizations such as SD WORX, Wit-Gele-Kruis and Solidariteit Voor Het Gezin. Ruben masters a broad range of skills and technologies such as Sharepoint, WCF, MVC, Prince 2. From the beginning of his career up till now he has been constantly improving his knowledge and professional experience.


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