Epic paintball battle sharpens group spirit.

Posted on September 23rd, 2017

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Paintball gent

On Saturday April 08th 2017 an epic paintball battle took place between two Queaso Systems teams at the Paintball Gent premises. To make up for the loses we reunited afterwards in restaurant The Angel for a good meal together. Or how yin and yang finally came together.


On top of the monthly team lunches and regular GetTogether sessions we organize team building events from time to time. On the wish list for a long time of our co-workers was a paintball battle.  And finally the day had come early spring 2017. Two teams (the blue one and the grey one) of roughly 10 people entered the Paintball Ghent  arena for a couple of paintball hours.

Since no limits excisted on the number of paint balls the battles were heavy and the loses great. A lot of hit team members had to leave the arena, some of them with great injuries. The paint was scattered all over them.

This excited day was ended with a fine brother in arms meal at eatcafé The Angel. A lot of stories of paintball strikes and counterstrikes were told and everybody seems to have had a very good time. The food and drinks off course did their part in this.

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