Sixth Queaso Systems’ MovieNight huge success.

Posted on January 03rd, 2017

Friday 02th of December 2016 the sixth Queaso Systems movie night was organized in the most cozy film theater of Ghent: Studio Skoop. It contains some fine little screening rooms where a direct contact with cinema is unavoidable. And that’s why our guest like it so much.


It’ becoming a tradition to invite our collaborators and their IT friends for a night at the movies during the darkest period of the year. And that is what we did, again. More than fifty invitees answered our call and joined us for a free selection of up to two movies. During breaks and between movies we offered them a drink & a bite on our behalf.


The real movie lovers indeed watched two of the presented Studio Skoop screenings and discussed their experience and opinion on the different movies at the bar afterwards. The bar stayed open long enough to provide for plenty of time to elaborate on the script, technique, cast, etc. of the different movies.


Another successful event was closed way after midnight when the last film critics went home for the night. Don’t hesitate to fill out this contact form and we will be more than happy to invite you to the next Queaso Systems community event.