Last 2016 GetTogether emphasizes complementarity between empathy and rationality.

Posted on January 03rd, 2017

The last GetTogether event of 2016, organized December 15th in Holiday-Inn Express in Gent focused on the soft skills side of people. For a very attentive audience our keynote speaker Kristien De Wolf  tried to demystify the possible contradiction between empathy and rationality.

A select group of Queaso Systems collaborators and guests had chosen to free up their Thursday evening to attend our GetTogether event that tried to answer the question if one needs empathy to be rational. Kind of a contradiction so it seems at first sight. Not so after the sparkling presentation and group exercise on the three position ( me, the other and the fly on the wall ) model by Kristien De Wolf.


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Kristien is a lawyer by education and a coach by trade. She holds additional degrees in HRM, NLP and Transpersonal Coaching from Vlerick Business School and Arcturus International Instituut for NLP.  She has coached hundreds of professionals, managers and entrepreneurs in Belgium and London. Since 2012 she moved her focus to personal business coaching and life counselling. Helping people become their best self in their business and their personal life is her mission!

The takeaways of the evening are:

  • Empathy is a tool for gathering information.
  • There are many forms of empathy.
  • How empathy can help you take more informed decisions as an (IT) person.
  • Beyond empathy, what you can learn from a fly’s perspective.
  • How to practice empathy.
  • Your place is in your own shoes. 

The remaining sandwiches found some hungry mouths and we closed the session with a drink at the bar of the hotel. Everybody agreed that tonight’s topic was very interesting, even for IT guys. Or better, especially for IT guys.

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