Attentive attendees during GetTogether on Ethereum, the Blockchain Solution for Smart Contracts.

Posted on November 03rd, 2016

Tuesday night September 27th 2016 was the date for the first ever GetTogether presenting two speakers. The topic “Ethereum, a Blockchain solution”, asked for a two sided approach: a business one and an IT technical one.  Therefore we invited Bart Van De Paer and Stefaan Ponnet to be our key-note speakers in Hotel Gosset in Groot-Bijgaarden.[Not a valid template]

Bart Van De Paer started out as a nerdy project manager and founder of OckxFest: a festival for, with en by city neighbor’s and students that grew to a 17 thousand visitors event in 10 years. All of this in an era where organizing festivals  was pioneering. Bart joined the city of Antwerp as a project leader responsible for the organization of big city events ( Bollekes party, Winter in Antwerp) and as project manager for AGEV. The latter being a software solution to centralize and streamline event demands. Later on Bart turned collaborator at A-Labs, the digital innovation cell of the city of Antwerp. It was there he got to know Blockchain and learned the possibilities of decentralization. Ever since Bart is fascinated by the possibilities this technology brings for all decision processes, automation, internet of things, liquid democracy and the revolution it will surely trigger.

Stefaan Ponnet started out his career as entrepreneur in 2000 running his own software company together with developers building solutions for different BEL20 companies. Doing so Stefaan got in touch with the government and conducted assignments on local, Flemish and federal level. As a technical architect he took up different roles for the ICT partner of the city of Antwerp to end up at A-Labs where he translates the new Blockchain concepts to actual solutions. Stefaan is also the driving force behind API Craftsmanship Belgium, a group that meets up regularly to discover and discuss new digital interfaces.

After all the introductions you might have heard on the new Blockchain concept our keynote speaker took the attendees one step further into possible solutions with this new technology. Decentralized solutions or apps that don’t need a central server infrastructure are called Dapps. Bart and Stefaan disclosed concepts and tools you can use to build your very first Dapp.

In a duo presentation a practical example of smart contracts on Ethereum named “Leeloo’s pocket money” was brought to the very attentive attendees. We all want our children to understand the value of money and teach than healthy financial habits. Pocket money is a great way to achieve these goals. Didn’t we all get this kind of financial support from our parents when we were student?

Stefaan worked his way through an interactive life demo that showcased a smart contract that  made sure that a Dapp takes care of the weekly pocket money allowance of your kid.

Since this technology is very new there were a lot of questions for our speakers. After more than two hours of presentation and showcasing the discussion and peer talks went on at the bar of the hotel.

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