The Potential of tech people in pre-sales highlighted during GetTogether.

Posted on August 25th, 2016

Just before the 2016 summer break the June 30th GetTogether and accompanying BBQ attacked a great deal of people. Did they join us for the topic Potential of tech people in pre-sales brought to us by Leiv Hendrickx or for the magnificent BBQ of the hotel Bloemenlust team? We shall never now.

Leiv Hendrickx, our keynote speaker for this GetTogether, has a background in marketing and communication and quickly discovered his passion for web and internet technology. As an autodidact he became a programmer at Techdata, later he assisted in the start of Kiala. He founded his own web development agency in 2008. Today he is founder of a young company focussed on helping tech companies with their go-to-market strategy and training of customer facing tech people to become evangelists.

So, whatever you do, don’t speak! Right? Most of the time sales people don’t see Tech People as an asset during a pre-sales customer meeting. Why is that? Well, they are afraid the “techie” might speak up and confuse the customer with his expert, but incomprehensible, additions to the conversation. During this presentation, Leiv gave us an insight in his personal journey as a techie and provided vital tips on how you – as a techie – can become your sales best friend and even enjoy meeting new customers.

As is the case with good speakers and an interesting topic a lot of interaction with the audience is guaranteed. Also this time the combination was right on target: lots of challenging questions were put forward. And answered by Leiv.

Around 21h00 the second part of the evening started: a well stuffed and very tasty BBQ was served. Our guest were spoiled with fresh roasted meat, vegetables, salads, pasta, sauces, drinks, etc. During the appetizer and at the dinner table the topic of Techies in Sales was explored even further.  

It’s fair to say that again, this was a very successful GetTogether event closing off the first half year and launching the summer of 2016. Hope to see you back in autumn for the yet another gathering. Don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form and we will be more than happy to invite you to the next Queaso Systems GetTogether session.