How many IoT technologies you need to turn on a light bulb disclosed during GetTogether event.

Posted on May 30th, 2016

The first GetTogether event of 2016, organized March 29th in Holiday-Inn Express in Mechelen on the Internet of Thing was a winner. For a full house Kurt Claeys who is a well-known Azure and Xamarin solution architect, took us on a journey of bits, bites and hardware to show the possibilities of new IoT technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) is no hype no more, a broad range of technologies are now supporting .NET developers to build great solutions. In his demo-only presentation our keynote speaker Kurt Claeys showed us such an IoT solution distributed over 3 different platforms (Android, Cloud and Raspberry) using 3 different messaging protocols (iBeacons/BLE, Azure Storage REST API and Zwave protocol).

The showcased solution made clear how a tablet device can be aware of its distance to iBeacons, can send triggers on an Azure queue to be received on a Raspberry PI to remote control a lightbulb through Zwave. You can hardly have more cross platform during a one hour talk. And all of this with .NET and C#.

Unnecessary to mention that the audience of mostly techies was very interested and teased by this IoT topic. So a lot of questions on used software, tools and hardware were put forward to Kurt Claeys. As a subject matter expert he had no problem answering them. So everybody left the presentation room with a backpack full of new insights.

As always the bar of the venue was the place to be for extended peer talks. food and drinks were on the house. After again a great evening the last “bar hangers” went home around midnight.

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