Queaso Systems teams up with VISUG.

Posted on April 26th, 2016

In January 2016 Queaso Systems signed a sponsorship deal with Visug. Visug is the Belgian user group that unites the Microsoft Visual Studio developers. As Queaso Systems is a true Microsoft company, we were very pleased to take the relationship with Visug to the next level.

Visug celebrated their 10th anniversary in February with a mini conference near Antwerp. The conference was the perfect timing for us to kick off our sponsorship agreement with Visug. At the conference we had a company booth and about 10 Queaso Systems team members attended the conference to represent our company. The conference was very busy and attracted lots of developers. In three different conference areas our colleagues and the other developers enjoyed discussions, presentations and live tutorials of technical topics related to software development. The day after we enjoyed the ‘Visug 10 years’ dinner at Lux restaurant in Antwerp. A very good start of our partnership.

A user group as Visug is very important to us as Queaso Systems has always been passionate about software development and being on track with the latest technologies.
Visug is very active and they frequently organize seminars and conferences to give developers the chance to get in touch with new technologies and development environments. They also focus on bringing developers together to exchange thoughts and opinions. For us it was a very logical next step to sign a sponsorship agreement with Visug because Queaso Systems really want to be a part of the Visug community.

The sponsorship agreement means that we will have exposure at all Visug events but also means that we will actively participate in the user group activities. As we have a team of software development experts, we are convinced that our Queaso System team members can make valuable contributions. On the other hand we are always open for new insights and open to learn. The sponsorship agreement between Queaso Systems and Visug is a true mutual benefit agreement.