Queaso Systems attracted 8 new hires in 2015

Posted on March 18th, 2016

The focus on and the fine tuning of the service offering of custom made software and IT consultancy works really well and attacked eight new hires during 2015. Queaso Systems for sure gets the attention of the IT consultants looking for a personalised approach, great work life balance and individual guidance.

Early 2015 Queaso Systems refocussed on his purpose of serving customers and helping them deliver their custom made software systems in a fast and efficient way. This exercise resulted in a clear articulation of what we understand is IT consultancy on the one hand and custom made software on the other hand. A clear and precise offering that convinced a number of professionals to join the Queaso Systems team last year.

The management team welcomed a Human Capital Manager to support the growth ambitions. The operational team was enforced with five software developers and two business analysts to cope with the ever growing demand of our customers.

If you too are looking for a new professional challenge where you can life up to your ambitions contact us. We’ll sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss the opportunities.

New hires 2015