Queaso Systems Team Members support KAA Gent.

Posted on February 04th, 2016

On a sunny Sunday January 17th 2016 the Queaso team members paid a visit to our office neighbors, the Ghelamco Football Arena in Ghent, to watch the match KAA Gent versus RSC Anderlecht. As a proud company from our hometown Ghent, we were very pleased to support the KAA Gent team and lead them
to a victory.

We gathered in time at the Queaso Systems offices close to the Ghelamco Arena so we could make our way together to the stadium. The match was completely sold out so together with thousands of other people we checked in at the packed arena. For most of us,it was the first time we saw the beautiful brand new stadium from the inside. After our CEO treated us to a few drinks at the bar, we made our way to our reserved seats and enjoyed the kick off of the match.

The game started and immediately we had the impression that the KAA Gent players dominated the match. We had a perfect wide view on the football field and we were surrounded by thousands of KAA Gent fans. Every positive movement on the field was supported by the fans and off course we were also immersed in a very festive atmosphere. We had to admit that watching a live match is really something different! Pretty soon KAA Gent scored the first goal and the party was on.

After a short break and some more beers at the bar, the second half of the match started. With an advantage of 1-0 for KAA Gent, we all felt like nothing could go
wrong anymore. The atmosphere became more and more festive and just before the end of the match, Laurent Depoitre scored a second goal. Victory for KAA Gent!

We all enjoyed this Sunday team activity very much and we are looking forward to do this again sometime. Do you want to be part of our team and join us for the next team activity? Then go to our website and send your cv!