Energy against Stress explained during GetTogether.

Posted on January 22nd, 2016

The last 2015 GetTogether session held December 16th was a so called “soft topic” event. Meaning we spend some time on a non-technical subject. Our keynote speaker for the evening was HR lady Marijke Van Hoorebeeck and the location Holiday-Inn Express, our back yard so to speak.

Everybody knows that motivation and engagement have everything to do with receiving honest feedback, coaching and lots of autonomy in the job. And yet, in order to feel good, keep up with the pace of today’s business, we also need energy, a lot of energy. In order to cope with everyday hectic and stress we all need to take care of our personal physical, emotional and mental ‘batteries’.

How does this work? How do these three batteries look like? And how can you keep them charged and prevent them from running dead? Marijke Van Hoorebeeck shared her experience with our audience and told us how she learned to manage her energy instead of focusing on stress management. She introduced a very powerful, yet simple approach to accomplish this. Furthermore our speaker for the evening is convinced that a professional human resource approach makes a team more successful. Who could hold something against her?

As usual we provided food and beverage before the talk and a good pint at the bar of the venue afterwards. Like to be on our guest list? Fill out the contact form on our website and we are glad to invite you to the next Queaso Systems GetTogether session.