GetTogether Session demystifies Visual Studio Online

Posted on October 14th, 2015

There is a lot going on in the Microsoft technology stack lately. A bunch of new products are released and Visual Studio Online in amongst them. Since it is not very clear to everybody what functionality is covered by Visual Studio Online ( do we code in a browser ? ) we invited Nick Trogh, who is a Microsoft technical evangelist, to demystify things for us and our guests during this September 2015 GetTogether session held in the Gosset Hotel in Groot-Bijgaarden.

By its name you may be tricked into thinking Visual Studio Online is a browser-based development tool. Building software is more than just writing code: defining what you want to build, creating and tracking tasks that need to be done, testing and finally shipping your product. Visual Studio Online provides a set of cloud-hosted services to manage every step in this process, no matter if you’re a one-man shop or a large development, regardless of the technology you’re using.

During this session Nick Trogh gave us an introduction to Visual Studio Online. He used a presentation that switched between slides and on-line demonstration. Although the connectivity to internet was not really good Nick was able to answer all the questions that came from the attendees. And questions he got. A lot. Due to the high interaction and the profound interest in the topic the session lasted for about two and a half hours.

As always we received our guest to a GetTogether session with a sandwich and something to drink before the start. And afterwards, for those who still had time, we buyed them a couple of drinks in the bar of the Gosset Hotel. On and off topic discussions went on for quite some time and it was close to midnight when the last man standing turned home.

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