Full house for GetTogether session on Functional Programming.

Posted on April 23rd, 2015

The topic of Functional Programming of the March 2015 GetTogether session apparently got much attention. If that was due to the weather, the catering, the topic, the location, the speaker, etc.? We don’t really know. But we were more than happy to welcome a lot of participants for this tech talk that was held in Hotel Holiday-Inn Express in Ghent.

In bragging about ‘the best programming language’ functional programming has always been somewhat of an underdog. However, the last couple of years, features of functional programming have invaded traditional programming languages: PHP, C#, C++, … and also Java. Did you know that the release of Java 8 has been postponed specifically to be able to add lambda abstractions?

During his presentation our keynote speaker Kris Aerts (co-chairman of the OMT-bachelor of the joint degree of industrial sciences by KU Leuven and Uhasselt) proved that it has been worth the wait, demonstrated some fine examples in a number of languages and showed concrete cases of extensive projects with productivity gains of a factor 10 in lines of code and a factor 3 in time and effort. So next time, you start bragging about the best language, do consider functional programming!

A very attentive and knowledgeable audience had some pretty to the point questions for Kris during the Q & A session. Given the fact that this was a very technical subject we were very pleased with the interaction. And so were our guests.

To close of this first GetTogether of 2015 we went for a few drinks in the bar of the hotel. A lot of animated discussion and peer to peer talks – on and off topic – concluded this successful evening.

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