2015 kicked-off at the speed of light.

Posted on March 02nd, 2015

In order to celebrate the New Year 2015 properly all Queaso Systems team members and their partners were invited on a guided tour through the Ghent Light Festival on Sunday 01th of February.

Since we didn’t want to start the evening with an empty stomach the Light Festival tour was preceded by a winter BBQ. This is something we all like very much at Queaso Systems. So expectations were high. But to be honest, they were not met this time. Although the meeting point venue Backstay Hostel is very nice, the catering was below average.

However the good company of team members and the urban stories told made up for a significant part of the diner experience. Around 8 o’clock the guide gathered us around him for a brief explanation of the light artefacts he was going to show us during the rest of the evening.

And of we went in to the crowded and rainy city of Ghent. The knowledgable guide told us the little stories about some of the light artworks and managed to bring us quickly from one installation to the other. In all we got a very good overview of the festival and visited about twenty works of light art. Some very intimistic, some overwhelming and theatral. The trip ended on the Saint-Pieters square with a Game of Thrones like multimedia show projected on the ancient buildings.

To make up for the poor catering at the start of the evening we went for some extra pasta’s and pizza’s to conclude this new years event.