GetTogether session on reducing on-line fraud real eye-opener

Posted on August 25th, 2014

Brasserie “Den Blakken” in Wetteren where we traditionally hold the summer GetTogether edition with BBQ is no longer available. So we went looking for a worthy alternative in the neighborhood. We found hotel “Bloemenlust” quite fit for that purpose and haven’t regret our choice.

The date itself of the GetTogether also had to be changed, due to the World Cup Soccer games where our Belgian team performed very well. At last we settled for Wednesday June 25th and invited Guisthinio Ririhena(Technical Consultant at Ingenico Payment Services) over to talk us about “how to increase transaction volume and reduce online fraud”.

During the session Guisthinio focused on the global prevention of fraud. Which tools are available, what can be done as a quick solution and what do you currently do to reduce fraud? He also focused on what needs to be done from technical point of view to reduce fraud like which specific parameters needs to be submitted to the Ogone platform to perform the best checks.

A lively and vivant public fired a lot of question towards our guest speaker making this a very interesting evening transferring a lot of knowledge.

I am pretty sure that for most of the guest the BBQ that followed was as appealing as the presentation. And I can’t blame them for a second. Once again we were spoiled with delicious roasted meat and fish, fresh vegetables and accompanying drinks. The staff of hotel “Bloemenlust” did their very best to serve us well.

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Download the presentation here