Queaso Systems signed the “eTIC” professional code of conduct.

Posted on March 11th, 2014

Queaso Systems successfully passed through the signup process to join the group of eTIC suppliers. The charter was signed and from now on we will strictly adhere to its provisions.

The charter ( PDF – Dutch ) is a kind of code of ethics, which ICT suppliers can subscribe to. By doing so they provide guarantee in terms of ethical service to customers. Confidence in these suppliers is increased and thus correct business is promoted. The charter therefore has an added value in terms of stimulation of the economy in the areas where it applies.

Logo eTIC

It is very specific to the ICT sector and the sector of website builders and SEO specialists.

In concrete terms Queaso Systems ( eTIC registration number 844) is committed to:

  • offer services that meet the needs of our customers
  • clearly define the scope of projects
  • provide transparency about costs and deadlines
  • comply strictly to contractual arrangements
  • supply information about resources and capabilities
  • provide protection if it appears that it is impossible to complete an assignment
  • clarify the intellectual property rights for the customers

The “Agentschap Ondernemen/ KMO-IT” has started the operational functioning of the Flemish eTIC Committee on October 14th 2011. From then on disputes between eTIC registered ICT companies and their customers are settled by the Flemish eTIC Committee.