Queaso Systems enters 2014 with a smile

Posted on February 04th, 2014

To start off the New Year 2014 in a context of rather economical uncertainty we thought it was a good idea to make people smile. So we visited theatre Capitole in Ghent on the 16th of January to enjoy the “Terra Rare” performance of a group called “De Frivole Framboos”.

Indeed, the Queaso Systems team members and their partners were invited to join us for a night at the theatre to kick-off 2014. We booked a table to start with a team dinner and afterwards we all took place in the velvet seats to watch the performance of “De Frivole Framboos”.

A night at the theatre is always something special. It has some kind of magic. Most of the time the performances take place in old historical buildings that have something glamorous. They tell a story of their own. Theatre The Capitole in Ghent is no different. Big pillars welcome you to come inside. Impressive stairs take you to the different levels.

The top level of The Capitole is recently refurbished as a trendy restaurant where fine meals are served to spectators that combine their night at the theatre with a VIP treatment. And that’s exactly what we organized. The Queaso Systems team members and their partners were taken care of as very important persons.

After the team dinner the group was accompanied to the balcony where we al sat side by side to watch the performance of “De Frivole Framboos”. A duo of two classical top musicians bringing a mixture of text and music in a way that made everybody smile, some of us even laugh. Respectful interpretation of classical masterpieces together with funny gestures and unexpected effects result in a very good show.

To end the evening in a good mood for everybody we visited the theatre bar afterwards. We had some drinks and took the time to chat about the performance, family stuff, past events and future plans.