Monkey business during GetTogether session

Posted on July 29th, 2013

Already for the seventh year in a row we invited our guest for the GetTogether summer session with free BBQ. June 18th 2013 was marked in the agenda of our host, brasserie “Den Blakken” in Wetteren. We praised ourselves lucky to have picked one of the rare sunny and warm spring evenings to talk.

The summer edition of our GetTogether starts a little earlier than the other session during the year. This to enable enough time for the presentation and to take plenty of time to enjoy the BBQ and the fine table discussions afterwards. I’d say we managed to achieve this goal once more.

More on the topic “How a developer can avoid being a code monkey?” was presented by Peter Vantieghem. He is an experienced interim and crisis manager with nearly 30 years on the counter. Peter has worked in nearly every line of business in private companies as well as local, national and European authorities. He was already offering fully object oriented software solutions to customers at the end of the 1980s in a DOS environment and within the 640K RAM limit.

Most major projects nowadays apply all sorts of standards: project management methodologies, analysis frameworks, pre-set class models and naming conventions. Is it still possible to add extra value to the SDLC as a developer? How can you avoid becoming a mere code monkey who applies the standards?
Trying to avoid being a code monkey requires a workable definition of the terminology. Measured by the interaction of the audience this is no easy task. Even GSM voting does not bypass the basis question: what is a code monkey? Jan Vantieghem had a hard time making a statement ( download the presentation ) and explaining his point of view, but we appreciated the lively discussion very much.

After the questions & answers the lovely gardens of brasserie “Den Blakken” were once more the perfect scene for a well stuffed BBQ buffet. A great evening was presented to our guests much to the credit of the friendly staff.

Like to be on our guest list? Fill out the contact form on our website and we are glad to invite you to the next Queaso Systems GetTogether session.