Queaso Systems goes for safer driving

Posted on April 09th, 2013

On Friday February 15th 2013 the whole Queaso Systems team went to Brussels for a skid control course. Because we all spend quite some time on the busy Belgian roads, this course was very appreciated by the team members.

We kicked off with the theoretical part of the course that gave us helpful tips and tricks and an overview on how our car works and how we should react to certain circumstances. After this it was time to hit the road and proceed with the practical part of the course. We started with some exercises in using the breaks in the right way.

Meanwhile the course instructors were soaping up the practice area to simulate the look and feel of a slippery road. When the practice area was ready, every team member had to execute some maneuvers on the slippery surface, for example emergency stops. Most people started to skid but the instructors gave us feedback while we were on the surface. After a few times every team member was making progress and that is what this course was all about.

It was a nice experience, a lot of fun and most important it was very useful for all the team members. We hope this course brings safer driving for everyone and reduces the risk of accidents in the future.