Psychology of Communication for IT Consultants explained during GetTogether event

Posted on February 18th, 2013

The last GetTogether event of 2012, organized December 20th in Holiday-Inn Express in Ghent, explained to the audience how psychology of communication works. The lecture was especially targeted to IT consultants, our main group of interest. Ben Cassiman did an excellent job surprising us with an animated presentation and some mind crushing experiments.

The presentation itself led us through a story of how the human brain works, over dress codes and how we make notes to end up with communication styles. The very appealing and enthusiastic presentation style of Ben nailed the attendees to their chair to the very end of the evening. Some pinpointing questions and answers completed the official part of the GetTogether.

Since Ben is always up for an interesting conversation exploring various topics, keeps an open mind and loves to explore the philosophical side of life the closing conversation at the bar of the Holiday-Inn Express unwinded in a very interesting close encounter of opinions and ideas. Some drinks on the house facilitated this effort of course.

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