“Decisions put on the table” during GetTogether event.

Posted on October 19th, 2012

During the September 27th 2012 GetTogether event a bold statement was made to rehabilitate decision tables in business and functional analysis work. The magnificent Brussels Airport Hotel was the scene for KU Leuven professor Jan Vanthienen to convince us of the good use of decision tables.

A select group of interested attendees enjoyed the presentation of Jan Vanthienen. According to him, decisions are everywhere: in program code, in business processes, in laws and regulations, in web applications and requirements documents. But unlike data or processes that are commonly modeled and implemented, there seems to be much less attention for decisions and their dependencies. And yet, a lot of systems are mainly about decisions or contain a lot of decisions.

The session itself was about best practices and new ways to model, analyze, represent, transform and implement decisions, conditionals and regulations, using e.g. tables, rules or diagrams.

A kind of déjà-vu feeling popped up listening to the lecturer. Are decision tables not something from the IT stoneage? But nevertheless a extremely good point was made: why not use (or keep on using) a technique that has always worked very well en serves the needs of our business customers?

Some fine sandwiches, chilled drinks and nice peer to peer chats complemented with a superb view from the seventh floor of the Zaventem national airport made this again a GetTogether event to remember. Although we rather welcome some more people. Behaps you will join us the next time? Fill out the contact form on our website and we are glad to invite you to the next Queaso Systems GetTogether session.