Queaso Systems goes speeddating

Posted on August 14th, 2012

On Wednesday July 11th of 2012 Queaso Systems attended the speeddating event of VIK. It was the first time for Queaso Systems to join an event of that kind and the expectations were high.

Speed dating is a popular concept that gives companies the chance to meet a large number of different candidates (potential employees) in a limited time span. Each candidate has about 5 minutes to present an overview of his or her skills, background, interests and personality. On the other end of the table, the company has a short time frame to brand the company and to analyse if a candidate is interesting or not.

The event took place at the “Huis van de Bouw”  in Zwijnaarde, a suburb of the city of Ghent. One of the big meeting rooms was filled with about 15 different companies. Ken De Bruyne, a representative of Queaso Systems, erected a company boot alongside of the room with a good overview of the scene. When the first candidate came along, both parties had to get used to the limited time span to get to know each other. But after a while the speed dating was running smoothly.

During the event about 25 candidates with different backgrounds came along. The only thing they had in common was their engineering diploma. Some candidates had an engineering diploma in chemistry, other candidates were specialized in construction… . Queaso Systems has a few engineers on the payroll and their engineering background is very appreciated by our clients.

At the end of the evening it was clear that a lot of talented candidates came by. The event was followed by a reception with some drinks and snacks and that was the perfect place to catch up with the most interesting candidates. If there will be a second edition, we will be pleased to join again.

Queaso goes speeddating2012Queaso goes speeddating 2012