Queaso Systems runs new “Business Analyst/ICT Architect” course track

Posted on June 27th, 2012

Based on the core competences and best practices of the Queaso Systems team a workshop based course track “Business Analyst/ICT Architect” emerged. Syntra West is the organizing institute and Queaso Systems’ consultants compiled the content. The start of the first 20 sessions for an audience of six trainees was in May 2012.

Since the start of Queaso Systems in 2005 a lot of attention and effort went into setting up a formal business analysis methodology aiming at bridging the gap between business and ICT. At this point in time the formal methodology is very well documented in a cookbook of descriptions, roles, competences, governance processes, guidelines, presentations, etc. This knowledge base is complemented with extensive tooling support (syntax rules, templates, examples, etc.) for Enterprise Architect, the very popular UML modeling tool from Sparx Systems.

During the different consulting assignments on premise and the in-house projects the analysis methodology was gradually fine-tuned and completed. Today it is a valuable body of knowledge that Queaso Systems likes to share with his customers. A practical, tutor based approach has proven to be very efficient as knowledge sharing vehicle. And that is exactly what we promote: do it yourself, we will teach you how.

This philosophy catched the eye and ear of Yves Vandenbussche, a Syntra West Business Development Manager whom Filip De Sutter, CEO of Queaso Systems shared a table with during an event somewhere last year. Syntra West as a knowledge sharing institute is always on the look for new and challenging topics and in no time the basic road map for the new  “Business Analyst/ICT Architect” was drawn. We agreed to complement the analysis methodology with a prologue of “soft skills” and an epilogue of “infrastructure & software development” related modules. This leads to the following picture.

Queaso runs Syntra West business analyst ict architect course 2012

In the months that followed the details of the different modules were filled in with a clear focus on hands-on. So the chosen format is a work-shop formula, meaning only basic explanation of the theoretical concepts, but lots of time for tutor led practice. On top of that all trainees will receive a full working license of Enterprise Architect (Desktop Edition) and are encouraged to bring an own topic to unwind the exercises. This resulted in twenty half day sessions to be rolled out at a frequency of two sessions a week.

Late May 2012 the first course track was kicked-off with seven registered candidates, of whom eventually six showed up for the first session. At his moment we reached the middle of the track and the trainees are very enthusiastic about the content and the approach followed. Some little details had to be taken care of, but as a whole the “Business Analyst/ICT Architect” course track is very well accepted. Especially appreciated are the exercises executed in each trainees’ own business environment.

Queaso Syntra West business analyst ict architect course 2012Queaso Syntra West business analyst ict architect course 2012