“How to get started with HTML5 ?” explained during GetTogether session

Posted on April 30th, 2012

Tuesday March 27th 2012, one early spring evening, we took the time to let us explain everything that is needed to get started with HTML5. Kevin DeRudder, a cross plaform developer, talked about a bunch of new features that HTML5 brings to the developer community to take their webdevelopments to a new level. With Hotel Beveren we once again picked a very agreable venue to practise knowledge sharing.

Probably due to the fine weather of an early spring evening, only few made it to this GetTogether session. Of course, those who did not show, missed a fine hands-on presentation of our expert and lector at the Technical University of West Flanders Kevin DeRudder. He guided us with brio through some of the new features that make HTML5 worth while considering for future web applications. We learned the new structure of an HTML page. But it got a lot more interesting when Kevin hit topics like: canvas, video tag, geolocation, forms and localStorage.

The evening that started off with sandwiches and drinks on the terrace connected to the first floor meeting room ended in the lobby of the hotel. Inspired by the fireplace, cosy seating and cool drinks some interesting converstions where held.

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