Crowded house for GetTogether on Mobile Development

Posted on February 06th, 2012

On Tuesday December 20th 2011 the Holiday-Inn Express in Ghent was the place to be for the GetTogether on The Mobile Development Ecosystem – a closer look. For sure this seems to be a hot topic, since about thirty developers left their desk early to join us for this event. A crowded house was the result.

In the long lasting history of organizing GetTogether events on various topics, this was one of the best what number of attendees and content is concerned. I remember another one on game development technology some years ago in Mechelen attracting an equal number of people.

Our guest speaker for the evening Philippe Leybaert, who is a technical software architect with 25 years of experience in software development and architecture, prepared a practical set for the evening. A short introduction giving an overview of the mobile development ecosystem as it exists today preceded a life coding session. And coding it was!

About two hours Philippe Leybaert entertained our public with a multi screen and multi platform interactive life exercise on coding the different mobile development platforms. This is indeed what we call ‘a closer look’. He went every inch to show us the do’s and don’ts of mobile application development. No pitfall was left aside during the demonstration and the interaction with the public was ‘agile’. We thank Philippe for sharing the code examples he used during his performance.

As always the evening was concluded with some animated peer talks and discussions in the lobby of the hotel. Food and beverage was supplied on the house. Needless to say that this was a great evening.

Like to be part of the action next time? Fill out the contact form and we are more than happy to invite you to the next Queaso Systems GetTogether session to be held in somewhere in March 2012.