Brussels “Marollen” scene for 2012 new years event.

Posted on February 13th, 2012

Saturday 14th of January 2012 was marked in the corporate agenda as date for the annual new years event. For this year we recycled an idea already used in the early days of Queaso Systems: a culinary and cultural exploration of some historical part of a town. We picked the “Marollen” in Brussels this time.

As always we try to come up with something original to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Since this is no easy task we fell back on the success story offered by the people of Vizit. We had the pleasure of having a very inspiring guide to help us discover the “Marollen” and its most interesting sights. The “Marollen” are known for its folky and social character. An authentic, charming piece of Brussels in the south of the pentagon.

The walk was interrupted no less than four times: we were invited by four different restaurants who each serve a part of the menu, from aperitif to dessert. While walking from one restaurant to the other we were told the little things about Vesalius, Rubbens, the life of the “Maroliens”, the activity up and around the “Vossenplein”, and many more interesting nice-to-know things.

Our team members, mostly accompanied by their spouse or girl friend, joined us for this new years celebration event. After evaluating the feed-back we received during and after the evening we can conclude that the organization was much appreciated. A nice blend of exotic food, chilled drinks, peer talks and culture seems to be a success formula.

Off we go to 2013 than?