Third MovieNight attracts a bunch of movie lovers.

Posted on January 24th, 2012

The third edition of the Queaso Systems movie night attracted a bunch of movie lovers on Friday November the 18th of 2011. The historical venue of De Klappei movie theater was once again the scene for a blended selection of three fine movies, pizza & sandwiches, drinks and a lot of peer talks.

The spectators who took the effort to come over to Antwerpen were offered the following menu of exquisite movies. The introduction and comments to the movies are edited by Jelle, our in house film expert:

shootemup Shoot’em up (86min) – for the real “action addicts”: This great and mostly violent movie has undoubtedly the most fitting title ever. This movie is a non-stop firing streak but nevertheless they succeed to squeeze in a small but still interesting story. So a lot of bullets, action and small jokes in a winning combination with the great acting of Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti.
the-kings-speech The Kings Speech (118min) – for the general public:  A real must-see for everyone, this movie has it all: drama, history, humour, tension, … and last but not least an incredible acting performance of Colin Firth, playing the lead as “King George VI of Britain”. Not less impressive is his co-lead player Geoffrey Rush (who recognised Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean?) who tries to help the king beat his speech deficiency. This film certainly is worthy of the main spot in our annual Queaso movienight!
tron-legacy-2010 Tron Legacy (125min) – for the die-hard IT crowd: Admit it, is there anyone of the old folks who once saw/knew/remembered the old Tron movie that expected to see “the Grid” again on the big screen? Jeff Bridges takes on the role of Kevin Flynn for the second time. Also his loyal co-player Bruce Boxleitner (for the really very old ones amongst us, known from the series: Babylon 5) already played his part as Tron in the original movie as he also does in the sequel. I’m very pleased that these two icons were found willing to do this sequel that thank goodness is not a remake. I’m sure this nice piece of sci-fi, with it’s hilarious “interpretations of technology” and luckily much better effects as the original, is a perfect closure.

Once again I think we can conclude that this was a fine event, bringing together people from different locations, interests and back ground around a common topic: film. Amongst other things, this is what underlines the team spirit of Queaso Systems.

Should you be interested to learn more about this spirit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We really like to see you on next years’ Movie Night.