Flemish Parliament member Vera Van der Borght visited Queaso Systems.

Posted on January 20th, 2012

It was Thursday January the 12th 2012 that Flemish Parliament member Vera Van der Borght visited the Queaso Systems offices in Ghent. This event is part of the fourth edition of the UNIZO KMO Contact exchange program that aims at bringing entrepreneurs inside of the Flemish Parliament.

The exchange program is set up to allow politicians and entrepreneurs to get to know each other better and to disclose what is going on behind closed doors. CEO Filip De Sutter spend two days in the Flemish Parliament and shadowed Vera Van der Borght during commission gatherings, debates and plenum meetings. He experienced the hectic life of a member of parliament from close by.

As a kind of counter payment Vera Van der Borght was invited at the table to experience a business analysis intake with one of our clients. Coincidence (or not?), the topic discussed was of high interest to the politician. So an animated conversation arose. The visit was concluded with an explanation of our activities and business domain we are active in.

The UNIZO KMO Contact exchange program will be finalized later on with a debate in the Flemish Parliament in the presence of Karel Van Eetvelt and chairman of the Flemish Parliament Jan Peumans.