7th ICT Carting Trophy lot’s of fun.

Posted on January 30th, 2012

Twelve ICT teams entered the carting battlefield in Puurs on Tuesday November 29th in search of victory during the 7th ICT Carting Trophy organized by TMAB. The Queaso Systems pilots defended our honor and secured the 10th place.

The ICT carting trophy is a team building event for companies active in information technology. Twelve teams of six pilots race more than 200 laps to find out who can take the trophy back home. The place of action is InKart in Puurs.

Six of our most enthusiastic consultants took on the challenge to defend the honor of Queaso Systems during this race. They did a very good job, given the overwhelming opposition of the well trained other teams. The pilots succeeded in securing the 10th place on the score board. Well done boys!

The rest of the team entered into the role of supporter and coach of the pilot team. Some moral support was indeed necessary to keep the spirit up and to keep them going. A buffet stuffed with nice food and accompanying drinks completed the setting for this evening.