GetTogether @ Living Tomorrow was a real eye-opener

Posted on October 10th, 2011

A small but diversified group of about twenty people accepted our invitation for the guided discover tomorrow tour organized on September 29th at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde. The house of the future as it is called is the ideal place for demonstrating all kind of new concepts as visionary people and companies see them.

Indeed for this GetTogether we went for something completely different. Instead of the long known format of a lecture on a certain topic, be it technical or not, accompanied by food and beverage upfront and peer talks at the bar afterwards, we organized a visit to Living Tomorrow. The drinks and the food – that was excellent by the way – were retained. The guided tour of about ninety minutes replaced the lecture.

A knowledgeable guide showed us around in the house of the future. A short introduction movie was used to bring us in the correct mood. And off we went through the hall way with sophisticated delivery box features up the stairs into a USS Enterprise alike kitchen. The impact of technological (IT) revolutions, exhaustion of energy resources, etc. was clearly stated.

The tour led us into the senior flat incorporating an adapted living room, a big and handy bathroom and a monitored bedroom. All kind of technological stuff helps the elderly to stay living in their homes much longer than usually is the case. A visit to the bathroom with wellness allures and a huge living room annex office corner completed the house visit.

A short demonstration on how future shopping might look like was the end of the official part of the evening. And downstairs we went to the bar for some drinks and a last sandwich. I recon everybody had a good time and a lot to talk about.

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