GetTogether session on Office 365 right on target.

Posted on August 28th, 2011

Brasserie “Den Blakken” in Wetteren was once more the prefect venue for the mid years edition of our GetTogether held on June 30th last. We are pleased to come back here each year before the summer break because no better place can be found to offer a fine BBQ to our distinguished guests.

Behind the scene of this edition there was really a last minute tension because our original speaker Frank Speleers couldn’t make it to the event due to a sudden illness. Since we seized the opportunity through Frank of presenting Office 365 just a few days after the official launch in Belgium we desperately looked for a lectures at least equally proficient on the topic. Thanks to the intervention of a personal relation (I owe you one Fréderique) Annelies Bulkens , Product Marketing Manager Unified Communication at Microsoft Belgium was found willing to take over the presentation. Just a couple of hours before the start of the event her presence was confirmed.

No doubt about it: Annelies did a great job presenting in a nutshell the possibilities and the go to market approach of Office 365. Indeed, not really a technical presentation , but clarification for most of the attendees what direction Microsoft is heading with this product offering. A nice on-line demonstration featuring Fréderique (again) accompanied with some to the point questions completed the official part of the evening.

I am not really sure, but for most of the guest the BBQ that followed was as appealing as the presentation. And I can’t blame them for a second. Once again we were spoiled with delicious roasted meat and fish, fresh vegetables and accompanying drinks. Only the weather could have been better. But the staff of brasserie “Den Blakken” did their very best to shield us from the elements.

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