The dust has finally settled after the players left the scene at Queaso.LAN edition 2011.

Posted on July 27th, 2011

Queaso.LAN, open to all IT people and completely free, featured 22 ready-to-go PCs an Xbox360 and a PS3 on the big screen.

For the first time in 4 editions, the Queaso.LAN kept on going till we had to close the shop, and gamers were all satisfied with the numerous games of Call of Duty and others. A new addition to the LAN this year was the BLUR game on Playstation 3, instant fun and the spots kept being occupied during the entire night.

About 30 gamers joined us on this edition, the maximum capacity of the Outpost Gamecenter, in Gent where this years edition took place. The drinks were there, the pizza was hot and the games were fun, what more could one ask for? A fifth edition of course!

We will be back next year. Same formula, different games!