Animated GetTogether on Experiences with model-driven Engineering

Posted on May 16th, 2011

The first GetTogether of this year turned out to be an animated discussion. A rather small but enthusiastic group of people enjoyed the historical location of brewery Lamot (now the Lamot Congres Centre) in Mechelen on Thursday 31st of March 2011 to attend the lecture given by professor Monique Snoeck on experiences with model-driven engineering.

Our guest for the evening, both Queaso Systems’ team members and other people interested in the topic, were welcomed in the basement of the Lamot brewery where plenty of food and beverage was available. After some warming up conversations we went upstairs to a conference room where Monique Snoeck talked about the controversial topic of model-driven engineering.

Monique is full professor in the Management Information Systems Group of the Faculty of Business and Economics at KULeuven and visiting professor at the FUNDP. Her research focuses on requirents engineering, conceptual modeling, enterprise architecture, service oriented architecture and model-driven engineering. She is the main researcher behind the MERODE-approach to Enterprise Modelling en model-driven engineering ( She received her PhD in computer science from K.U. Leuven.

A few years ago, the Object Management Group has launched the concept of “model driven engineering”, a modern rephrasing of the old dream of code-generation. While flourishing at research level, the practical application of model-driven engineering seems only to slowly gain ground. During this GetTogether Monique reviewed the basic concepts behind the model-driven architecture, shared her experiences with the power of code generation, but also drew some lessons learned from applying the principles of model-driven engineering for prototype code generation.

As could be expected, the lecture fired an animated discussion and some very interested viewpoints on this very controversial topic. Software developers, by nature, don’t like automating coding and are very skeptical towards everything that goes in this direction. Business people on the other hand are only interested in a solutions brought to the market as quick and as cheap as possible and don’t care where the code comes from. There tends to be a wide gab between both stakeholders …

Afterwards; downstairs again we went to the bar located in the neighborhood of the magnificent cupper brewery kettle. Some fine drinks we served while the hocus-pocus of model-driven engineering was discussed in depth.

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